Kir-Yianni Kali Riza Amyndeon PDO


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Kali Riza is produced from 100% Xinomavro grapes grown in the area of Amyndeon, in Northwestern Greece.

The grapes are carefully selected on harvest depending on their age and content in sugars, phenols and acids. Upon delivery at the winery, they are chilled at a temperature of 8-10 οC.

After destemming, the grapes are crushed and left to cold soak for 6 days at 10 οC, a process aiming at the extraction of more color and aromas. The alcoholic fermentation lasts 2 weeks and is followed by 1 week of post-fermentation maceration.

After this period, the wine is transferred to the barrels, were it is left to mature for 14 months. During this time, the wine undergoes malolactic fermentation while it is gently stirred on its lees. Finally, the wine is bottled and left to mature for 1 additional year

Phil’s notes
I think it’s an absolute shame that more people don’t know about Xinomavro, so I’m on a bit of a mission to change that. Similar in many ways to Nebbiolo, but still its own unique varietal, it produces wines of elegance and grace but still packs a punch when it comes to flavour, red fruits right to the front. The Kali Riza provides excellent value and can be enjoyed now, but will keep for the next five to eight years.

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