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This is something a little bit different for all of you Riesling lovers out there, not your citrusy, green or austere style. This Riesling was soaked on skins, barrel fermented and aged on lees, creating a different variety that is both open and complex. To be honest this was an experiment on a whim that went… very well. But hey, haven’t we all benefited from weird experiments… if Fleming didn’t see the benefits of ‘mould juice’ and discovered penicillin, we all may well have died… eek. Life-saving or not, this wine will substantially increase your… serotonin. Be merry and drink up!

Phil’s notes
It’s hard not to like Jake’s approach to wine making and tasting note writing, as shown above. Canberra District Riesling is on the rise and with wines like this it’s not hard to see why. It’s fuller than what you might expect out of South Australia and the (clever) use of skins and lees creates texture that can’t think is matched in the region.  The result is a pretty delicious ensemble of texture, fruit character, and complexity that keeps you reaching for the next glass. Great stuff.

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