The Cellar Rats – Cellar Hand

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The Cellar Hand is an essential part of every winery. They know where every barrel is, what every tank is doing, and even how long every hose is! Simply put, a winery cannot exist without its cellar hands.

Our Cellar Hands are our favourite subscribers – we’re here to guide your wine journey so you can make the leap from Cellar Hand to Cellar Master.

Each quarter, we will hand-pick three wines that we believe best represent the season. Expect winter warming reds, crisp summer whites and rose all day!

Focusing on introducing and building your wine knowledge and palate each quarter, the packs will be accompanied by a Cellar Hands Only e-newsletter with downloadable tasting notes, wine technical information and suggested food pairings.

This is a great way to explore new wines, new regions, and new grape varieties without breaking the bank.

All subscriptions include wine discounts, exclusive Cellar Rats content and more.

Your first pack will be processed on the first day of the month following your subscription and sent shortly afterwards. All future packs will be sent out on the following dates: March 1st, June 1st, September 1st, December 1st.

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